Hand thrown cups that will hold clean water and fund the wellbeing of water around the world

About Us

People working to safeguard water by making and selling handmade porcelain vessels to raise awareness

Meet The Team

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Natalie Blake


Natalie made a statement that she wanted to be able to make 100 cups with no disturbance to her flow. From that statement, she promptly launched into a whole new mission, to bring awareness to a need for stillness and that relationship with the pure energetic vessel of water.
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Biz Hallett

Cup Beholder

Biz is 100 cups photographer, content writer and part of the incredible support team behind launching a new venture. Her energy and vision is invaluable. She lives in Guilford, Vermont on a beautiful farm with a pond where some of the 100cups images were taken. She creates dance with her dance company, loves Star Wars and.....
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Kyle Skinner

Cup Thrower ~ Glazer ~ Packer

Kyle's interview process for Natalie Blake Studios included throwing 800 little shot glass sized cups for 100cupsaday. Without hesitation or complaint he came in nights and weekends to finish them. A graduate of Alfred University, he worked for Dan Lassar ceramics for ten years, and now is part of Natalie Blake Studio team.
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Office Manager

Patty was instantly in support of 100cups, and went to work designing the packaging and card that go with each cup.
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The man who connected cups to water

Nick helped Natalie connect the mission of the spiritual water to the concept of affecting the molecules in a clay vessel thrown by hand. Her partner of seven years, he is her chief sounding board and pragmatist.
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